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"Tory has clearly thought carefully about the transition from academia to industry. Her examples are compelling and really capture what it is like to be in the midst of the transition. Her advice is spot on - this is a complete step-by-step playbook for finding a great role (and helped me negotiate a 1/3 larger bonus)."

-Justin Martin,

PhD Lead Data Scientist, VP JP Morgan

Ready to exit academia?

The Academic Exit Playbook Has Placed More than 150 PhDs in Industry Jobs

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Hi there! I'm Tory, a PhD, former Tech employee, now entrepreneur and author of the Academic Exit Playbook. 

there! I'm Tory, a PhD, former Tech employee, now entrepreneur and author of the Academic Exit Playbook. 

You might know me from the Academic Exit account on Twitter, where I regularly share resources for PhDs seeking jobs outside of academia. 



My journey out of academia

My journey out of academia

  • I got my PhD in Human Evolutionary Biology envisioning that I would end up as a tenured professor. And I got pretty close. 
  • With 17 peer-reviewed publications and more than $200k in grant funding, my CV yielded 6 onsite interviews across two seasons on the tenure-track job market. 
  • But those 6 onsite interviews yielded 0 offers. The coup de grace was my last interview, where I interviewed for a position in my graduate department. 
  • They didn't give me an offer — instead, they extended it to a close friend and collaborator. 
  • Folks around me said, "just give it a shot for a 3rd season. I'm sure a position will open up for you."
  • But I said "enough" and decided it was time to exit academia.

From 0 faculty offers to a 6-figure salary at Facebook

  • After receiving that rejection from my graduate department and deciding to leave academia, I started looking for options outside the academy. 
  • Within 3 months, I had landed a 6-figure salary job as a data scientist at Facebook.  
  • Now, I've helped more than 80 PhDs land industry jobs. 
  • So I know that my experience was not an outlier. PhDs can get high-paying jobs outside of academia where they will be respected and build marketable skills that secure them a stronger future for their careers.

It's not about the money: it's about moving away from scarcity towards abundance

  • Too many academics take on a "scarcity" mindset: that they should take any job extended to them, even if it's halfway across the world, because it's "a" job. 
  • But those same academics are qualified for industry positions that would pay them more, value them more, open more doors in their careers, give them better work/life balance, give them geographical flexibility, allow them to work in teams to create concrete impact, and more.  

Exiting academia is now the default path for PhDs

  • PhDs in any discipline do not have to stay in academia. They can leave - and in fact they are leaving in droves. 

  • As of 2021, more PhDs in the US are leaving academia than staying in it. 

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  • And you can be one of them: armed with a few tools that will empower you to make your exit in a structured, seamless way.

Ready to exit academia?

  • Want to learn how to make your PhD experience count in securing a high-paying industry job — one where you are valued? 
  • If so, you're in the right place. The Academic Exit framework has been leveraged by more than 150 PhDs to land industry jobs, 80 of whom I've worked with 1:1 to personalize their exits. 
  • And you can get the ingredients of that framework in this free guide. 

With this guide, you'll learn how to: 

  • Explore the vast array of job options available to you outside of academia
  • Identify a role where your PhD skills will count
  • Translate your PhD experience into industry-relevant jargon in your resume and interviews
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You'll also get: 

  • A set of structured steps to land an industry job within 12 months
  • A checklist that will keep you accountable and prevent you from losing momentum 
  • If you're ready to exit academia and get an industry job this year, then this guide is for you. Ready to get started? 
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